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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WOYWW: Pope Francis in Manila

My desk is filled with Pope Francis memorabilia! 

A Vatican flag...

a liturgical booklet...

the ID and raincoat I used, and a souvenir t-shirt from Tacloban that a friend gave me.

Pope Francis came for a visit to the Philippines (January 15 to January 19) and these past few days have been such a blessing for us!  Just to catch a glimpse of him, we Filipinos would walk long distances, brave the crowds, wait for hours, and stand in the pouring rain (they say Filipinos have a rainproof faith!)  Everywhere his vehicle passed, the streets were filled with people excitedly waiting and as he would pass by, the crowds would give him a rapturous welcome.  When those few seconds were over, we would rejoice in the blessing of his visit and feel that the wait was all worth it.   In Him, we saw the light of Christ, a man full of mercy and compassion, our spiritual father, a shepherd who loves his flock.

The joy we felt when we finally saw the Pope made all the challenges worth it.  Life is also full of challenges but the joy of seeing Jesus is worth much more.  We will forget all our difficulties with one glimpse of Jesus.  Oh, I look forward to meeting Jesus face to face!

The theme song for Pope Francis' visit was "We are All God's Children" and he reminded us not to forget our true identity.  Here is a video my community, Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon, helped to make (I know a lot of the people dancing in the video)...

Do you see these children on the streets 
Have you walked the pavements where they sleep? 
Do you feel their hands 
 When you give them alms? 
Did you ever give them bread to eat? 

 Have you seen their homes washed by the floods? 
While a mother tightly holds her child 
Do you hear the wind 
 Of the raging storm? 
Can you tell them where it's coming from? 

 Let us show our love and mercy 
With true kindness and humility 
For God loves the weak and the needy 
Just like you and me 

 We are all God's children 
We are all the same 
He is calling us by name to help the poor and lame 
And learn what life is really for 
It's to know and love and serve the Lord 

 Stand together and let's do our part 
Hear their voices mend their broken hearts 
Choose to be brave fight for their rights 
Give them back their honor and their pride 
 Please do not be blind and just leave them behind 
To struggle in darkness or give them empty promises 

 We are all God's children 
We are all the same 
He is calling us by name to help the poor and lame 
And learn what life is really for 
It's to know and love and serve the Lord 
 It's to know and love and serve the Lord 
It's to know and love and serve the Lord

12 blog hugs:

Neet said...

How wonderful it must have been for you to see the Pope and how uplifting for you all.
You now have lots of memories and memorable things to look back on.
Blessings.Neet 3 xx

Queenie Jeannie said...

A gorgeous new painting!!! I think it's one of your best!

Happy Crafting!
Jeannie #14

MrsC.x said...

beautiful painting

love Mrs C.xx #29

Maxine D said...

Beautiful page Peggy, and I love the scripture - it is one of my favourites!

Annie said...

I'm just doing my blog dash round all my favourites while the twinnies are doing some cutting and sticking 😃
How lovely to have someone so special in your life and to hear how much you enjoyed his visit.
Annie x #23

My name is Cindy said...

Love your artwork Peggy and how wonderful to get the opportunity to see Pope Francis. (Even in the rain!!) Happy WOYWW Cindy xx

Shel C said...

I am glad you got to see the pope on his visit. You are blessed :) Wonderful painting. Shel#71

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I swear I thought of you and your sister when I saw the Pope in the Philippines. I saw how he only stopped to spend time with the homeless, indigent, and unloved children, and asked myself why people who have the means, couldn't take one child under their wing and mentor him or her. Maybe even feed and clothe ONE child. I was shocked there were SO many of them in need. It nearly broke my heart.

Your post was quite lovely this week, as was your beautiful journal entry. Happy WOYWW from #1 and thanks for visiting me while I slept.

BTW, my musician friend Joseph has seen the Pope twice in the US. He also has unwavering faith.

Janine said...

Papa Francesco is a gret Inspiration and the Reformer the catholic church needed so badly. I saw the Pictures of him beeing in Manila. The People love him.
By the way I love your paintings, because they are very inspiering too.

Julia Dunnit said...

You seem very uplifted by your experience, how wonderful! I love the t shirt and it makes me smile to think that even the Pop has tour memorabilia!

okienurse said...

I think you and Patsy are wonderful people and such an inspiration for the rest of us with your faith and art. I am not Catholic (my son is) and I am really enjoying Pope Francis and believe in a lot of what he is saying and doing. Awesome man! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #33

Shoshi said...

What an exciting time you have had, Peggy! I am sure the Pope really appreciated the warm Filipino welcome! I love your artwork for today, so beautiful as always.

Thank you for your two lovely comments on my blog - I can't tell you how much the prayers of my friends mean to me - friends literally around the globe! I feel very uplifted and positive. Scan tomorrow, and then after that we will know more, and I should get a date for surgery soon.

I am glad you like my embroideries, too! I am having such fun doing this, especially as my normal creative mojo has taken a hike since Monday.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #44

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