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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WOYWW: Throw Aways

A busted keyboard and a broken ceramic ball, that's what's on my desk today for What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday!  The keyboard, I am planning to take apart and repurpose the keys for projects (lots of ideas online!)  

The ceramic ball, hmm, it has too pretty a design for me to just throw it away.  Can parts of it be used for a pendant, maybe?  What to do think?  

I really like thinking of ways to recycle, upcycle, repurpose, whatever you call it.  I love it when something that others would throw away can become something that is beautiful and useful.  It reminds me of how God can take anyone, however busted or broken, and turn their lives into something beautiful and useful.

But don't hold your breath while waiting to see what I've done about these planned upcycling projects! I'm still just making the illustrations in my prayer journal and also sharing them in Word Art Wednesday.

Thank you for all your visits and for recommendations about hiking shoes.  I'm so glad I got the go signal from some of you who have tried Merrell shoes.  Perhaps I will write a separate post about my preparations for my planned Camino de Santiago.  Til next time, be blessed!

28 blog hugs:

Create With Joy said...

OH no about your keyboard! But now I'm intrigued. What does one due with all of those keys?

On mine, half of the letters are worn off - so it's either touch type or display some REALLY creative utterings!

Happy WOYWW from #2!

Create With Joy

Regina Hamilton said...

I can't wait to see what you do with those keys and that broken ball. Happy crafting #5

Deb said...

I totally agree, everything should be given another chance, I hate to throw anything away, that ball is gorgeous, hope you find a use for it!
Debxx #4

sandra de said...

Can't wait to see how you repurpose the keyboard. Finnabair has wonderful ideas using all those leftover bits. Have fun.
Sandra @12

Nan G said...

Well that's a new one on me...repurposing keys from a keyboard. I shall way to YouTube to see what can be found. Love the broken pottery bits. It would make a lovely pendant. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #7

Lynn McAuley said...

I love the beautiful page you have shared from your prayer journal!

I'm also a huge Merrell's fan. I own about 7 pair!

Hope your Wednesday is absolutely wonderful!!

Lynn #20

martinealison said...


J'ai hâte de découvrir ce que vous allez faire avec tout ceci !...
J'aime beaucoup votre dernière illustration.

gros bisous à vous.

Candace said...

Now I want to see what you are going to do with the keyboard. I've never heard of keyboards parts being altered before. Such a shame about the ceramic ball it really is such a lovely pattern. Have fun creating with your broken bits that would normally just go to landfill.

Thanks for sharing and have a great week.

Hugs Candace

Christine said...

Love the ideas about recycling - I use my broken pottery in my garden, filling in spaces and creating colourful areas to put pots on.
have a great day
Bishopsmate #45

Annie said...

I must be honest and say I had a little chuckle at your prayer journal for today....reason being is I'm not getting a lot of sleep at the mo so I'm pretty sure to be awake! House selling is keeping me awake at the mo. Thanks for it.
A x # 50

Donna Wheat said...

what a good idea to reuse the keys from the keyboard, may have to pinch that idea if I can? Donna #53

Neet said...

Look up "rare bird" and see what she did with broken ceramic pots and some friendly plastic. If I find the link I will come back. Do you have Friendly Plastic?
Lovely to have all those keys, now why did I not think of saving them when we last threw one out?
Take care - Blessings, Neet 11 xx

Gillian Pearce said...

I'm mad about upcycling and have a whole pile of keyboards and computer parts ready to play with. So many ideas. So little time!

Can't wait to see what you do with yours. My desk contains a completed upcycled project - an art journal made with recycle paper and a game board. Fun, fun, fun!

Have a great week!
Gillian #73

ike said...

Oh Yes - as soon as I started reading I thought - 'get all the keys off and save them' !!! Great idea and I hope you get to use them :-D


IKE in Greece #75 xxxx

Sandy said...

Well if you are going to use those keys I want to see what you do with them.. Now I am off to explore what you can do with keyboard keys..
Sandy :) #29

Julia Dunnit said...

Your beautiful ATC is safe and sound in my hands - thank you so much. Ooh i like the idea of the keys being used again, they've already said so many things it would be a shame not to.

Karen Busby said...

I too cannot wait to see what you do with those keyboard letters lol

Scrapping Life no. 82

Carole said...

Caught my attention right off the bat.. so I joined... then saw Darnell's smiley face...she's a our gal pal to go...any way I too get great JOY out of reusing things to make... what other people just go out and buy. I love to take things apart and save the little little kids that find a stick or a stone and put it in there pockets..I pick up feathers and moss and create a bit of whimsy. Thanks for sharing. Be well I'm happy to get in before 100...I'm #99 Carole

Kate Hadfield said...

Oh, I am am intrigued with what you plan to use the keyboard keys for! I shall look forward to seeing what you come up with!
Kate #85

Peg Robinson said...

I too love to recycle pieces into my art. here is a link to a piece created from finds.
Happy Wednesday Hugs Peg R #99

Sharon Madson said...

You are very creative, if you can re-purpose these things. I look forward to seeing what you come up with! :)
Happy WOYWW!

Maisie Moonshine said...

Hi Peggy, I'm going to have to check out those re-purposed keys - they sound intriguing. Such a shame you ball got broken but you could use the bits for mosaic you might have to break it a bit more though.

Have a happy week. MMx #48

fairy thoughts said...

I didn't know you could re cycle keyboard keys must look into that.
as for the ball you could smash it up and make a mosaic with it.
My son in law walked the Santiago camino a couple of years ago all the way from Winchester... it took him 3 months but he really enjoyed it if you want to know anything.... just ask
janet #48

Lea.H said...

always good to recycle, looking forward to seeing what becomes of these broken objects Lx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I had a keyboard at work that went wonky. It wouldn't type the letters you hit, but other letters instead. It was so insane. The computer department gave me a new keyboard but kept the old one so they could play jokes on others. That isn't quite the same as reusing the keys. I always enjoy seeing what you've written and illustrated in your prayer journal.

April Story said...

What a beautiful positive retrospective on something broken. :-) April #21

Anne said...

Beautiful Prayer Journal page. Am intrigued re the keyboard will have to go googling :-) xxx

June Caedmon said...

That ceramic ball definitely has possibilities! Can't wait to see what you do with it! Blessings.

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