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Monday, August 2, 2010

How to Alter Clothes, Making the Pattern: Advice from an Expert?

The Coveted Wolf Dress Form

Ok, I confess, that's not the right title for this post.  It should be "Advice from someone who has no idea what advice an expert would give."  Well, you didn't really think I was an expert on altering clothes did you?

I was delighted with all the comments I got from my "What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday" visitors.  But, oh no, I may have misled you to believe that I actually know HOW to alter clothes!  Well, if you need advice from an expert, you won't find it here.  Maybe this site can help you!  It sort of puts down what I TRY to do.

If any of you are expert seamstresses, I suggest you stop reading my post.  You may faint while reading about my method or say, I can't believe she is actually sharing her absurd way of altering clothes, the nerve!  Actually, I can't believe it myself.  Hmmm, I never know what I will post about next!  Well, here goes, I did warn you...

This is the way I made a pattern...
1.  Some time ago, I had a blouse that I really liked.  I especially liked how it fit me.  Well it got so faded that it was ready to be thrown out/cut up into projects/made into rags.  But, since it fit me so well, I decided to try to make a pattern.

2.  I took it apart at the seams (using a seam ripper).

3.  I folded the bodice part lengthwise and laid it out flat on a piece of cardboard/chipboard.  Since the blouse is symmetrical, I only need a half pattern.  Experts will say that the front and back of a blouse are not the same and the armhole is different in the front and the back.  So true.  But of course, I must say that I prefer loose fitting blouses (very useful for camouflaging bulges) and so, my pattern does not need any tucks and does not need to be so exact.  My inexpert method just won't work for form fitting blouses.

4.  I traced the shape of the folded bodice part, minus the seam allowances. 

5.  I folded the sleeve piece lengthwise and laid it out on a piece of cardboard/chipboard.  Again experts will say that the sleeve is not exactly symmetrical, with the back curve different from the front.  So true.  But as I said, if you aren't making a form fitting blouse, it hardly matters.  Besides, if the blouse you want to alter is so big that you couldn't wear it unless you fixed it, you might as well fix it the inexpert way if that's the only way you can, at least that's what I think.

6.  I traced the shape of the sleeve, minus the seam allowances.

5.  I cut out both traced shapes (bodice and sleeve) and viola!  These two pieces of cardboard are the patterns I use to alter my blouses.  Easy peasy!

Next time I will start the sewing...

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Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Experts in any field don't know everything and anyway if it works for you that's fine. I'm sure these instructions would be suitable for many people.
Anne x

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