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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Blue Bear Giveaway

When I was a child, I had a blue bear named "Bluey Bear" (what can I say, I sure was creative in naming him, right?)   In those days, we didn't have a lot of toys and so, Bluey Bear was really special to me.  When he got old, someone said we should donate our toys to the poor children and so I did.  But later, I regretted giving him away.  Although of course, I like to think he made someone else happy too.

Anyway, I came across this giveaway in A Stuffed Life and well, of course I just could not resist joining!  I mean, you never know, I may have another blue bear (this one is named Blue Moon) soon!

7 blog hugs:

jonaks said...

goodluck, hope you win that blue bear!

Leslie said...

My sister had a blue elephant, which she rubbed the fur and eyes right off of. I wonder if she still has that elephant. He was great!

Good luck!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

I hope you win your blue bear! I still have my bear named "Brownie"...he lives in my hope chest because he has lost both his eyes and nose...but he was my first bear and I love him so! Have a wonderful weekend!

Faye said...

I do hope you can have another blue bear some day, Peggy. Sometimes we don't realize how meaningful something or someone is until it is gone. I feel sure that the original bear was a special gift to a child who needed the love you had already poured into Blue Bear.

Janine said...

I really would like you to win the blue bear.
I have my still my childhood friends.
I wasn´t able to give them away, but I am sure your old blue- bear made a child very happy.
Have a great weekend

Lynn said...

What a sweet story :) My very first bear from when I was born was blue, I had him up until 2 years ago when I decided to wash him again :( He fell apart and it seemed whatever he was stuffed with had just disintegrated, what a mess. I had to let him go. Hope you win your new blue bear :)

Nancy Y said...

Your story is so sweet! I wanted to stop by and say "hello", and thank you for your kind comments. I hope you win that blue bear.

xoxo Nancy

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