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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On Being a Mother: Lessons from my Daughter

When I became a mother, I learned much about God's love for me and my identity as his daughter. If I can love my children so much, how great must be the love that my Father God has for me. His is a perfect love. If I want only good for my children, how much more does the Lord want only good for us, His children. Through my day to day experiences with children, I have had many lessons about life, and love, and God's ways with His children. Here is one of them...

One day, when my daughter was maybe about a year old, she caught sight of a shiny knife. Oh, how she wanted to get that knife. She kept pointing, and "talking", and I could see how wonderful she thought it would be if she could just get her hands on that knife. Of course, she couldn't have it - what a disaster if she got it. I realized that sometimes, we too are like that. We want something so much, not knowing that it isn't good for us. Well, God knows exactly what's best for us and that is what He wants to give us. Let us trust in Him and in His plan for us. He is a loving and faithful Father.

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Holly said...

Perfectly put, I have found the same thing from experience with my own daughter, what a lovely blog ^-^!

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